2009 Kubota M9540 (4WD)


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M9540 (4WD)


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M9540 95hp w/loader 4x4


Low Profile: Designed specifically for low-clearance applications, the M9540 Low Profile delivers the performance you want, and the quality you demand. The low profile, retractable ROPS reduces overall tractor height to 66.4 in. (ROPS retracted). The tractor features low and wide fenders, low controls, and a low steering wheel. This tractor keeps everything low to meet your high expectations. Adjustable fenders: The M9540 Low Profile features low and rounded fiberglass fenders that are adjustable between two height settings-54.2 inches and 56.4 inches. In addition to their low height, these smooth fenders with steel sub-frames are extra wide so that the tires are completely covered and protected from low-hanging branches, and limbs. Retractable ROPS: A retractable Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) is standard for the M9540 Low Profile. If the tractor needs to pass through areas with height constraints, such as doorways or beneath low branches, the ROPS can be temporarily retracted without tools quickly and easily. (There is no operator protection provided by the ROPS in the retracted position. For operator safety, the ROPS should be placed in the raised and locked position and the seat belt fastened for all other applications.) Seat: Kubota's M9540 Low Profile tractor features a low suspension seat to provide maximum operator comfort over long periods of time. In addition, the reclining seat eases strain and allows operators of all shapes and sizes to work in total comfort. Engine: Equipped with a 95-horsepower, 4-valve, CDI (Center-Direct Injection) V3800DI-T diesel engine, the Kubota M9540 Low Profile tractor delivers outstanding pulling power and impressive traction. Coupled with its turbo charger, you have all the power you need to perform heavy-duty tasks yet achieve exceptional fuel efficiency. Transmission: The transmission on the M9540 Low Profile features six speeds on the main shift, as well as a high/low range, to offer a total of 12 Forward and 12 Reverse speeds. Six speeds per range optimize field working conditions. Transmission Parking Lock: The M9540 Low Profile tractor also features an easy-to-operate transmission parking lock, found next to the main shift. It's highly durable and reliable, and provides precise parking on any terrain.

    • Engine: V3800-DI-TI
    • Type (Make: KUBOTA): E-CDIS, Direct Injection
    • No. of cylinders/Aspiration: 4/Turbocharged
    • Rated Speed: 2,600 rpm
    • Engine Net Power: 95 HP (70.8 kW)
    • PTO power: 84 HP (62.7 kW)
    • Total Displacement: 230 cu. in. (3769cc)
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 23.8 gal. (90 l)
    • Air Cleaner: Dry, dual element
    • Alternator: 45 amp (80A optional)
    • No. of Speeds: 12 forward/12 reverse
    • Main Gear Shift (8 speeds): 6/Fully synchronized
    • Hydraulic-shuttle: Steering column-mounted lever
    • Main clutch type: Hydraulic multi-plate wet disc
    • Brake type: Hydraulic wet discs
    • Mechanical differential lock: Rear mechanical standard & front Limited Slip Automatic Differential
    • PTO Type: Live-independent PTO, hydraulic PTO with PTO brake, wet discs
    • PTO Speed: 540 rpm (540 /1000 rpm optional)
    • Pump capacity (3-point hitch): 17.0 gpm (64.3 l/min)
    • 3-point hitch: Telescopic lower link ends, Telescopic stabilizers
    • Category: II
    • Control system: Position, draft (top link sensing) & mix control
    • Lift capacity at 24 in. behind lift point: 4,630 lbs. (2,100 kg); Optional: 7,055 lbs. (3,200 kg)
    • No. of standard remote valves: 1 standard (2nd, 3rd & flow control valve optional
    Other features
    • Steering: Hydrostatic power steering
    • Hood type: Full open hood, slanted, steel
    • Deck type/Pedal type: Semi-flat deck with rubber mat/hanging pedals
    • Panel type: Electronic
    • Fender shape: Wide, Round
    • Front Standard tire size: 9.5 - 20
    • Rear Standard tire size: 16.9-24
    Dimensions & Weight
    • Overall length: 148 in. (3760mm)
    • Overall height ROPS raised/ROPS retracted: 90.6 in. (2300mm) / 66.4 in. (1686mm)
    • Overall width (at 72 in. rear tire tread): 77.5 in. (1969mm)
    • Wheelbase: 88.6 in. (2250mm)
    • Crop clearance (Front Axle): 16.3 in. (415mm)
    • Front Tread width: 59.8 in. - 63.8 in. (1520-1620mm)
    • Rear Tread width: 59.1 in. - 74.8 in. (1500-1900mm)
    • Turning radius (w/o brake) 4WD: 13.9 ft. (4.25m)
    • Tractor weight: 5,314 lbs. (2,410 kg)
    • Optional Equipment: 2nd/3rd remote valve (SCD), 2nd/3rd remote valve (FD), Flow control valve, 3PT high capacity lift cylinder, Dual speed PTO kit, Rear work light kit, Drawbar clevis, Front grille guard, Suitcase weights, Wheel weights, etc.



    Engine Type
    E-CDIS, Direct Injection
    95 HP (70.8 kW)
    PTO HP
    84 HP (62.7 kW)
    Rated RPM
    2,600 rpm


    88.6 in. (2250mm)
    ROPS raised/ROPS retracted: 90.6 in. (2300mm) / 66.4 in. (1686mm)
    77.5 in. (1969mm)
    5,314 lbs. (2,410 kg)
    Ground Clearance
    16.3 in. (415mm)
    Tire Size
    Front: 9.5 - 20; Rear: 16.9-24


    Fuel System
    Fuel Capacity
    23.8 gal. (90 l)
    12 forward/12 reverse
    Hydraulic wet discs
    Pump capacity (3-point hitch): 17.0 gpm (64.3 l/min)